SimPle WoRd For A SpeciAL PerSon

im not angry ..
im not complaining..
im not regretting..

besides ,

im thankfull ..
im glad..
im happy..

to be in love with u..

im always tell u story bout my past..
im always tell u bout my weakness..
im always tell u bout my fault..

because my past was a mistakes.
because i need u to guide me.

i have told u that i've fall in love several times.
but im never told u that u r the best thing that ever happen in my life.

now dear ,
just close ur eyes ,
feels ur heart ,
there's where i plant my love ,
with the seed of ur care ,
and protection of our will .

my dear,

we might stare at the same moon ,
we might look at the same sun ,

but we not just "might" love forever ,
because i'll make sure it will last forever.

tq , for all the moment.

p/s : sorry im not the best poetry or artist , but thats all i could write to express my love .


SaiyidahAisyah said...

jiwang gile wehhs. but terbaik lah. menyentuh hati gaks.
semoa berbahagia dalam percintaan. ehekk

fana said...

dion...ko nak taw tak ko sgt cool lah...sumpah cool....hehehe..comel jer

Para Jamaludin said...

nice poem. ade bakat bro