just a simple question for u my dear fren..

"what is love?"

im always keep thinking bout it.

what does it feels when u have to make a decision without ur desire and wants..?
while u know that its not what u want.
mybe im kinda selfish..
but its ok.

im ok if all the people blame on me.
im ok if all of the friend talk bad bout me.
im ok if all of u curse me for what im doing.

but as long as its for ur goodness.
i will just smile for that.

im happy wif just seeing u from afar.
im happy by just seeing u laughing.

keep smiling.
cause it will give me strength,
to live.


p/s : its already 2 month past.but still thinking bout it.im pathetic ryte.


fana said...

apa mu kecek nie dion ha?

haha...be cool n chill..